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          to fill bellies, hearts & minds

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        40 Years of Service to Our Community

        As we celebrate our 40thanniversary, Share maintains that commitment by remaining at the forefront to improve the lives of individuals and families who face hunger, are homeless or struggle to find affordable housing. Our start was humble, with just one shelter for single men and a daily, free hot meal. Click here to learn more about our 40 years of service.

        Share the Future Legacy Program

        Your powerful legacy gift will help Share continue to deliver a spectrum of servicesfrom our Outreach team and our Day Center, to emergency shelters and free nutritious meals, to our Backpack program feeding children and subsidized housing, to a savings program and permanent housing, and more. Click here to learn more about legacy & estate planning.

        Volunteers: The Heart of Our Organization

        Our volunteers come from all walks of life and include business owners and professionals, members of the faith community, homemakers, military personnel, retirees, college students, as well as children and teenagers volunteering alongside their parents. Click here to learn about volunteer opportunities!

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